Hi there! I am an interior designer living on the coast of NC.  This blog is going to be my way to share my interests, most importantly food and design.

Have you heard of Whole 30? Back in January of this year I completed my first round of the elimination eating plan and just fell in love with how my body felt, looked and performed by simply changing what I ate. If you are not familier with this eating plan pick up a copy of It Starts With Food By Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This book completely outlines and explains why this approach with food can work for most people. Basically you are eliminating soy, all legumes including peanuts, dairy, alcohol, grains and sugar. There are a few other items to avoid, but I will let you discover them when you read the book!

So starting on May 3 I am officially back on Whole 30 after taking a 3 month break. My hope is to publish my journey by using my iPhone to capture each meal and hold myself accountable while sharing recipes, food finds and results.

On occasion I may throw in some tidbits on the other things that keep me sane…. My husband, our dog, gardening, knitting, the ocean…thanks for stopping by!


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