Following the rules of Whole 30.

Remember when I said I was going to do a Whole 60?  What I didn’t count on was summer…. The hot, humid season in the South where my appetite lessens and so does my exercise.

It started with the frozen banana treats I made, and then I discovered Yawp bars (and started using them as meal replacements).   And now I am looking at heirloom tomatoes that are begging to be part of a sandwich.

Don’t get me wrong, I am reading labels and following the rules, well, all but one. I am eating paleo treats. There, I said it.  I am more paleo now than whole 30 and I feel great about it!

Tonight I made paleo sandwich bread to go with my heirloom tomatoes and bacon.  Tomorrow I am trying a chia pudding and I am ecstatic about it.  If I find myself drifting past the paleo guidelines or over indulging in these special foods I will reign it in and do another round of Whole 30.  Easy peasy.

I am still documenting my meals on the Two Grand app, follow me there under forkandfinial.  For now I will share some of my favorites, starting with this tasty bread from  

It really was a delicious BLT.


In the past week I have worked on 2 recipes that were total fails!  Rest assured, I am still perfecting them and plan to share more recipes soon.


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