Whole 30 Days 35-38

I have made a few realizations during the past week….

Realization #1.  While on this program, my habit of stress eating has been eliminated.  Usually if things get tough at work I would reach for the first carb covered in sugar and shove it in my face.  This week has been a tough one, and although I have eaten plenty of food it has been out of hunger, not stress.  This my friends, is huge.

Realization #2.  I miss chocolate.  Not brownies, cake or cookies. Just a little taste of chocolate.  To quench this craving I realized I was making a habit of making the banana treats after dinner.  I do believe this is dessert and leads to…..

Realization #3.  I am not perfect, and although my relationship with food is improving it is not perfect either.  I try to think through my food choices, even catch myself when I stumble and try to make more conscientious decisions, but it will always be a work in progress.

PS- there will be no more frozen bananas in my freezer for a while!  Although the ingredients are all compliant I really can’t face that temptation!

On to the food….




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