What now?

I can’t believe my second Whole 30 is over, time really did fly by! During this round I saw many of the same improvements as my first time….  Weight loss (8 pounds), skin is clearer, digestion improved, no more heartburn, better sleep and more energy.  I am loving the benefits!

After I finished my first Whole 30 I went crazy, I was the prime example of what NOT to do.  Although I kicked my diet soda addiction, the takeaway ended there.  Pizza? Sure, I will have some.  Ice cream? OK, that sounds good.  There was no filter and no stopping.  I gained weight, stopped working out and all of the benefits faded away. Knowing that I reacted that way last time scares me, I have worked too hard to let a lack of self control sabotage my progress.

So, what is next for me?  More Whole 30!  I am going for 60 now and then I will reevaluate.  I am going to increase my exercise and start wearing my Fitbit again.  I am still going to log my food but it will probably be in 3 day recaps here on the blog.  I am going to work on more delicious paleo recipes to share here and work on putting together some easy shopping lists for first time 30ers.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me this far, I cant wait to see what the next 30 days has in store!


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