Day Twenty Two

I had a dream last night that I ate yogurt with fruit.  I woke up feeling guilty!  This is bizarre to me because I have not craved any dairy this time around.  Really, I am just looking forward to making banana “ice cream” and paleo pancakes!

Breakfast 5.25.15.  I overslept this morning so I was so happy to see the tomato pie in my fridge!  Also added some avocado and iced cashew latte.


Lunch 5.25.15. Chipotle Barbacoa with guac, double lettuce and salsa verde.  I dressed it up a little with sliced peppers, tomatoes and cukes.


Dinner 5.25.15.  I came home hungry and unprepared. I knew I had a sweet potato and chicken thigh but needed a vegetable to go with.  The Italian squash I threw together pretty much rocked my Whole 30 world.  Look for it on the blog tomorrow!



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