Day Fifteen 

This morning I went back and looked through my journal I kept for my first Whole 30.  Last time I did this I crushed my diet coke habit, which was probably the #1 result in January.  Yes there was weight lost but to end a 20 year old love affair with a can of diet soda was huge.  I have had 1 since that time and boy did my body reject it!  Comparing notes of the first 15 days I realized that I have created a crutch for myself this time.  Larabars.  I know it sounds crazy, I mean eating this clean is good for anyone…. But the Larabars represent my sugar dragon.  It has to be slayed!  I am giving myself a challenge over the next 15 days, Larabars are for emergency eating only, not snacks.  It makes me a little sad to think I used to eat a piece of chocolate cake or pizza with abandon and now I am feeling guilty over a little fruit and nut bar.  This time around I want to get rid of that food guilt and be happy to eat fresh delicious meals that nourish my  body.  What obstacles are you dealing with in your whole 30 journey? 

Breakfast 5.18.15.  Egg cups, spinach, sweet potato and iced almond latte.

Lunch 5.18.15.  Chicken breast with mango salsa, half of an avocado smashed, tomatoes, water.  

Snacked on an apple mid afternoon.


Dinner 5.18.15.  Pork loin, sautéed veggies and mashed cauliflower+potato. Iced tea to drink.



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