Day Eleven

Today was a mad rush all around.  Poor planning led to weird eating.

Breakfast 5.14.15.  I grabbed two eggs and a sweet potato (already cooked) on my way out the door.  At work I cooked the eggs in the microwave (definitely not my first choice) and heated the sweet potato.

After my blah breakfast I went on an accessory call.  Two and a half hours into it I started feeling lightheaded and ate a banana and part of an orange. 

Lunch 5.14.15. I didn’t pack a lunch so I picked up a compliant chipotle meal… Barbacoas, double lettuce, guacamole and salsa verde. I inhaled it so fast there was no time for photos. 

Dinner 5.14.15.  Dinner was 2 chicken legs, the last of the citrus slaw, Brussels sprouts, roasted peppers and a few fried potatoes.  This plate was so full!  My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach, only ate half of it.

On a fun note, my Amazon order arrived.

I can’t wait to review some of the recipes and try the zoodle maker!   


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