Day Ten

HOORAY for being a third of the way into this plan!  They say most people quit on day 10 or 11, I am determined to keep up the momentum!

Breakfast 5.13.15 I skipped the eggs today and made bacon, tomato, avocado lettuce wraps. Coffee to drink.

Lunch 5.13.15.  Today I worked on a new recipe with the help of my mom.  It was a hit! Cauliflower fried rice topped with chicken thighs and tons of sautéed veggies.  Water to drink.


Snack today was a true treat.  My mom makes her own Lara bars and has concocted the perfect one.  I will save the details for a recipe post…. And I may have to save the rest of these bite sized nuggets for after whole 30.  They are too good!

Dinner 5.13.15.  Takeout salad from our neighborhood pizza place.  They serve organic meats and have a killer house salad with oil and vinegar.  Water to drink.


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