Day Nine

Breakfast 5.12.15.  2 eggs over easy, spinach and sweet potato with iced coffee.  I realized halfway into my spinach that I had not taken a picture! I know my breakfasts all look the same but this is the quickest and most satisfying combo I have come up with.

Lunch 5.12.15

Today we drove two hours away to meet my mother in law to celebrate Mothers Day.  We ended up at a chain steak house, which in all actuality was probably the best option for me.  While the rest of the family ate an appetizer (picture a fried onion on steroids with tons of dipping sauce) I ate a sweet potato sans any type of topping.  My entree was a wedge salad minus all the bad stuff with a few pieces of steak and o&v.  Iced tea to drink.  I have to say, there was probably butter or oil on that steak but I made the best choices I could.  For that, I am proud of myself.  No picture, I thought it might be rude to pull the phone out in the middle of the meal!

Snack was a Lara bar at 5 since we won’t be having dinner until around 8.


Dinner 5.12.15 a repeat of dinner last night. Chicken cutlets, mango salsa and citrus slaw.  Water to drink.



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