Day Six

I am feeling much better today both in temperament and physically.  No more headaches and I am not feeling as bloated as day one.

Breakfast 5.9.15.  Today it was anything I could find in the fridge…. Spinach, sweet potato, pulled pork and the last of the confetti cabbage.  One thing I learned on my first Whole 30 is you can definitely have dinner for breakfast!

Lunch 5.9.15.  On Saturdays the owner of the furniture store I work for brings lunch for all of the designers.  How lucky are we that she is supporting our clean eating habits? We called in for Chipotle, I had double lettuce, barbacoa, guacamole and salsa verde.  Just a note, barbacoa is not cooked the same way at every Chipotle. I called our area restaurant directly and spoke with the manager to find out what was compliant.

Dinner 5.9.15.  This is my go to for a quick and easy meal that is completely satisfying.  Spaghetti squash, ground turkey, mushrooms, spinach and compliant jarred sauce.



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