Day Five

OK, I take back what I said yesterday.  Today was a typical day five on Whole 30, I was irritated and short tempered and again, ravenous!  

Breakfast 5.8.15.  2 eggs, sweet potatoes and spinach. Iced coffee with my cashew milk.

Every Friday we have a store meeting and breakfast is always served.  To keep myself from eating the non compliant foods I brought this berry smoothie to keep temptation at bay – 1/2 banana, strawberries, blueberries chia seeds and cashew milk.  One of my coworkers who is also eating clean brought an egg bake so I tried some of that too… Yummy with Franks Hot Sauce!

Lunch 5.8.15 leftovers from last night… Chicken, cabbage and cauliflower. Water to drink.

Dinner 5.8.15.  Pulled pork (no sauce), roasted broccoli and carrots. Iced tea to drink.



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