Day Three

Breakfast 5.6.15.  One large serving of my easy egg bake (see the recipes tab for details).  Roasted sweet potato cubes and iced Americano with my almond milk.  


Lunch 5.6.15.  It was a leftover lunch…. My chicken salad lettuce wraps and the last of my roasted zucchini and tomatoes.  I also had a few strawberries and a Lacroix sparkling water.


Let’s snack.  My first day back to work on whole thirty.  I knew snacking would be involved!  Trader Joe’s almond butter and apple slices.  To drink I had a delicious tea with mint, cocoa nibs and rooibus.

Dinner 5.6.15.  Grilled steak, sweet potato with ghee and a salad with oil and vinegar.  Iced tea to drink. I did NOT have a slice of the garlic bread sitting on my counter.  That’s what you call a small victory.

I was so hungry today, but otherwise felt great.  I know this sounds silly but I can already feel changes!


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