Day Four

So according to the Whole 30 timeline, today I should want to punch my husband in his throat.  Luckily for him, I have skipped this step (so far!) and have moved on to utter exhaustion.  I slept nine hours last night and had to have two cups of coffee just to get going.  I am so looking forward to week 3!

Breakfast 5.7.15.  A slice of my easy egg bake, my leftovers from steak last night and the smallest sweet potato I have ever seen!  Coffee with my almond milk to drink.


Lunch 5.7.15.  Water, homemade chicken and veggie soup topped with avocado and plantain chips.

Snack time.  Ok let’s talk about snacking, I like to mix a fruit and protein if I have to snack but today I went a little overboard in the fruit department.  I found these date rolls in Fresh Market, they are dates rolled in organic coconut.  YUM! Dangerous. I added a couple strawberries and a LaCroix and went back to work.


Dinner 5.7.15.  Baked chicken with confetti cabbage and mashed cauliflower.  Iced tea to drink.



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