Day Two

With a weeks worth of prep out of the way, I slept in a little today.  I woke up to breakfast waiting on me, Whole 30 style.  My husband is not doing the eating plan entirely but when we have meals together he has agreed to abide by the rules.

Breakfast 5.5.15.  Two fried eggs, sautéed spinach, bacon and a few fried potatoes, all prepared with ghee.  Iced Americano with homemade almond milk.  


Lunch 5.5.15. My favorite lunch from my last Whole 30! Chicken salad lettuce wraps, sliced apples and water.  Look for the lettuce wrap details under recipes!


Dinner 5.5.15. No celebrating Cinco de Mayo here! We had a repeat of meatloaf, zucchini with tomatoes and roasted carrots (I just love the tricolor bag from Trader Joes).  Water to drink.  I posted a photo of a fruit cup also but I was so full that went back into the fridge.

Overall my day has gone well, I have a dull headache but I am going to attribute that to cutting out the sugar.  I’m looking forward to day 3!

Thanks so much for the likes and comments for the recipe I posted earlier today. This blogging thing is brand new to me and the encouragement is much appreciated!


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